Skipping Stone Releases Japan Gas Market Landscape Report

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – July 11, 2017 – Skipping Stone LLC™, a global energy markets consulting and technology services firm, announced today that it has published a Japan Gas Market Landscape Report.  The report is a comprehensive guide to the recently deregulated retail gas market in Japan. It includes information on how the reformed gas market works, gas utility structures and customer statistics, supply and LNG terminal data, tariffs and requirements for entering the retail gas market in Japan and much more.

For retailers, wholesalers and trading companies exploring expansion opportunities in newly deregulated markets, the Japan Gas Market Landscape Report provides an excellent first look in assessing the reforming Japan gas marketplace.  For more information and to view the report table of contents, click here.

Japan is undergoing a complete transformation and deregulation of its gas and electricity markets, which represents a once in a generation opportunity for U.S. retailers and wholesalers to leverage their experience in domestic markets to expand into Japan,” said Peter Weigand, Skipping Stone Chairman and CEO. “We are already seeing U.S. retailers who have entered Japan’s deregulated electricity market getting early traction in that market and expect, like in the U.S. market, that retailers will add gas to their product offering.  For U.S. wholesalers playing in the LNG export market, Japan’s gas deregulation represents new and innovative ways to leverage or trade gas between markets,” continued Weigand.

“The report saves hundreds of man hours of research, most of which is in Japanese and scattered across numerous sources,” said Sam Matsumoto, Skipping Stone Japan Managing Director.   “We not only consolidated all the source data, we translated it into English and recast the content such that the market rules and research intent is clearer to the American reader.  Too often a straight translation misses the true meaning as Japan regulators craft language in a very different way than U.S. regulators,” explained Matsumoto.

The Japan Gas Market Landscape Report complements Skipping Stone’s Japan Electricity Market Landscape Report, which has recently been updated since its original publication last summer.

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