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New England’s Winter Natural Gas Problem Facts, Figures & Economic Solution in New Skipping Stone White Paper

Boston, MA – September 8, 2015 – Skipping Stone and the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released today a whitepaper addressing New England’s winter natural gas problem. The paper thoroughly examines peak consumption periods and potential shortages New England will soon be facing to meet its heating and power generation needs. Economics of the “build more pipeline” solution is weighed against the faster and more economical solution utilizing the existing LNG infrastructure. A complete series of facts, figures and analysis is included.
“Skipping Stone’s thorough analysis provides further evidence that building new natural gas pipeline is a bad call for the environment, the economy and the people of New England,” said Greg Cunningham, Director of CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change program. “Better utilizing our current LNG infrastructure and storage provides an affordable path forward in a way that is mindful of the significant impacts of climate change.”
New England has what has been termed a 50-day on-peak “capacity problem” whereby there is not enough pipeline capacity from the south and west gas production areas to serve what data shows is the near simultaneous demands of heating load and electric generation load. There is no question a solution is needed, and quickly, as the inability to meet peak consumption needs would be catastrophic for all concerned.
“This paper illustrates and proves not only that LNG can work, but that it is a better solution for ratepayers and thus for the New England economy,” commented Greg Lander, Skipping Stone President.
“Although we have found and outlined a straightforward approach,” Lander continued, “we fully anticipate that the skeptics and ‘build a pipeline’ advocates, as well as the regulators who make these decisions, will require proof that it will actually work.”
The whitepaper outlines the New England natural gas problem, defining and explaining it, explores solution options and economics, proposes what is in our opinion the quickest and most economical solution, provides a case study using the winter of 2014 vs. the winter of 2015 and suggests regulatory changes to enhance the solution for years to come.
The authors welcome discussion and feedback on the paper which can be downloaded free of charge at

About Conservation Law Foundation
Since 1966, Conservation Law Foundation has used the law, science, policymaking, and the business market to find pragmatic, innovative solutions to New England’s toughest environmental problems. Whether that means cleaning up Boston Harbor, protecting ocean fisheries to ensure continued supply, stopping unnecessary highway construction in scenic areas, or expanding access to public transportation, we are driven to make all of New England a better place to live, work, and play.
CLF has offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont. For years, CLF has been deeply engaged in helping to devise solutions to state and regional energy problems in the policy, market and system realms guided by its over-arching goal to address the causes and impacts of climate change. Find out more at

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