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Skipping Stone Delivers Demand Response Training to AAE

Fountain Valley, CA – February 28, 2014- Skipping Stone is pleased to announce that it delivered Introduction to Demand Response Training for AEE’s Southern California chapter on February 26th, 2014. This AEE-sponsored training was hosted in cooperation with The Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas). SoCalGas graciously hosted the all-day session at their Energy Resource Center located in Downey, CA. A diverse mixture of 60 attendees comprising small-business owners, global energy-related system vendors and SoCalGas employees received a broad overview of demand response-related topics. Instructing was Chris Therriault, a Senior Consultant with Skipping Stone with deep experience in AMI-enabled DR programs gained through his work experience at Southern California Edison (SCE). Chris delivered a wide range of information across program topics in an informal and conversational method that kept attendees engaged over the course of the class.

This class was a first for the AEE Southern California chapter as AEE would normally utilize a resource within their national network of AEE instructors. The chapter recognized the deep subject matter expertise that Skipping Stone brings to the table on DR and other energy-related matters and elected an “out of the box” approach by employing Skipping Stone to deliver the training. AEE indicated that the majority of attendees were very pleased with Chris’s subject matter knowledge and the fashion in which it was presented and that use of Skipping Stone as a channel for training resources provides them with increased flexibility in education delivery for their chapter freeing them from being completely reliant on their National office for educational development and delivery.

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Skipping Stone is a different kind of energy consulting company. All of our consulting resources have worked as executives in the energy industry and now choose to consult. Our specialty is collaborating with clients on ideas, strategies and tactics and then providing the array of complementary services required to turn those ideas into successes. From the drawing board to the P&L, we measure every engagement based on our clients’ success metrics.

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