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Our Name

There are actually two versions of the story of how Skipping Stone got its name. We’ve outlined them below. You choose the one you like.

Version 1
The name “Skipping Stone” was chosen for two reasons, (1) because it is easy to remember and (2) because it represents our basic consulting premise:

  • work on projects that make an impact
  • help clients create ripples of lasting change
  • move on to the next project

Version 2
Skipping StoneAs he struggled to come up with a good name for his consulting company, our founder, Peter Weigand, used his poker buddies as a focus group, meeting every other Friday night at his lake house to review prospective names and, perhaps, play some cards and shoot some pool.

One evening, as the group “labored” into the wee hours of the morning, they took a break and walked down to the lake where they became engaged in a heated moonlight stone skipping contest. The rest, as they say, is history.