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Avoiding the Technology Trap

Technological innovation is one of the defining characteristics of the clean energy sector. The pace of advancement is staggering at times. Faced with this rapid growth and change, companies often find themselves rushing to implement new software technologies to help them operate more efficiently,
increase productivity, scale their business, and extract greater value from the enterprise. People generally seem to be in their comfort zone when creating simple requirements documents, looking at demos, selecting a vendor and then moving forward. So tempting is the feeling of accomplishment from all this activity, that people tend dive in without really thinking through the full ramifications or requirements of the business. This often leads to creating spreadsheets as work arounds that take on their own life… sometimes to the point that the operation is run more on spreadsheets than on the solution that was selected. Eventually it all gets ripped out and the process starts over again. This is expensive, disruptive to operations, and leads to many uncomfortable conversations with your boss
and your boss’ boss, etc. People lose jobs and companies lose money. This is the definition of pain. We call it the “technology trap.”
The good news is the technology trap is completely avoidable…

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