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Skipping Stone Year-end Recap

This past year has been another rewarding experience as we continue to work with very interesting clients on projects that have a positive impact on their companies and in some cases the overall energy markets. Our continued focus on expansion into International Markets has been interesting and informative and have made us many new friends around the globe.

Ross Malme and the Atlanta crew have been involved in Reverse Trade Missions bringing utility and energy ministry leaders from Brazil, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Jordan to the U.S. to explore utilizing technologies and services some of our clients can provide to their smart grid related projects. In addition, Ross has been a much sought after speaker, instructor and panel moderator/ member in the areas of Demand Response, Energy Technologies and Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

Sam Matsumoto and the Japan team have spent time assisting Japan with electric market reforms, delving into the new wholesale markets opportunities with partner PJM and studying the upcoming opening of Japan’s natural gas market. In addition, many of us have been involved with retail energy and technology companies we are assisting as they expand and enter the Japanese energy markets.

Greg Lander and the Boston band have been busy adding pipelines (now 87), creating new reports for our Capacity Center data service business unit. In addition, significant advances have been accomplished as we continue to work toward market synchronization of the wholesale gas and power markets.

In 2016 we continued to add to our team of seasoned veterans with the addition of:

  • John Brown, Partner, focused on expanding our technology services business
  • John Landry, Principal, executive experience in retail energy and systems
  • Kerry O’Gorman, Project Coordinator, working on international and domestic projects
  • Rebecca Kelly, Marketing Director, expertise in both domestic and international markets
  • Atsuyo Miller, Project Coordinator, focused on assisting clients enter the Japan markets
  • Nori Yamamoto, Project Coordinator, working in our Tokyo office on a wide variety of projects
  • Steven Thomas, Sr. Consultant, focused on Japan’s biomass supply opportunities
  • Nishida Takafumi, Sr. Consultant, focused on business development in Japan

The future is bright!